Replacing Wood Sash Windows

vinyl window repair in JacksonvilleIf you’re thinking about window replacement in Jacksonville, follow these steps. We go into detail about how to replace your old wood sash windows for vinyl windows. When doing the setup you should have someone there to help you. Remove from the window. Now, if you are installing several different sizes, make sure you are putting the proper window in the opening that is right. You must place the window into the opening to make sure it is likely to fit, then remove it and run a bead of caulk on the face of the outside blind stop where the window will rest. You don’t need to caulk, only to find the windows are too enormous. It is worth the extra few minutes to ensure it is going to fit. Lift the window and set the bottom in first. Then raise the top until it rests against the outside blind stops. Occasionally, when raising the top into position, the window frame will hit at the very top of the wood framework. You need to tap back on the top of the vinyl frame while keeping pressure towards the exterior.

Eliminate the newest window after you ascertain that it’s likely to fit and set it aside. Run a bead of caulk on the face of the outside blind stops. White latex painters caulk works fine. Raise the window into position again. Have your helper hold the window in place while you raise and lower the sashes, making certain the window is square in the opening. Recall how you ordered the windows 3/16″- 1/4″ shorter than the tightest measurement? This is where you make use of this space to correct the frame to be level and the most plumb. Get a carton of wood coffee stirrers and popsicle sticks in the grocery store. The coffee stirrers are about 1/16″ thick, and the popsicle sticks are approximately twice as thick. You need to place the shims in the four corners. Then caulk the gap on either side and across the top before installing the inside stops. You can set one screw in the top center and one in the bottom middle, although I actually don’t advocate setting any screws in the sides. Because the shims will eliminate any side play you really dont have to use any screws in this kind of setup, and the caulk on the blind stops will hold the frame in place at the same time. Remember, we still need to reinstall the inside stops.

Before installing the inside stops, remove all of the old nails and replace them with new nails. A 1″- 1 1/4″ finish nail is good. Scrape all old caulk off the stops before installing the inside stops. Then, while your helper holds the window in place, nail your stops back on. If the window has 4 stops, install the shortest ones first. That way you are able to deflect the longer stops into place between the two short ones. Use a nail punch to sink the head past the top layer of the stop. If you have several windows to do, i suggest doing the primary window to this point before going to another. How frustrating would it be to have a helper removing the old sashes, simply to find that the windows are not going to fit!? If the first one goes in great, then you can certainly send your helper ahead of you to begin removing old sashes. The best approach to avert the nightmare of getting a bunch of new windows that won’t fit is to make sure you measure RIGHT. Remember, tight minus 1/4″ on the width and height should be good.

Finish the inside by caulking the section of the interior stop where it meets with the casing, and the point where the stop meets the brand new frame. Fill the nail holes in the inside stops with caulk to hide the nail heads. Now it is time to complete the exterior. A quality replacement window will possess a sloped frame to match the slope sill, or it will come with an insert that fits beneath the newest frame to fill the opening produced by the sloping wood sill. If you get a lesser level window that does not come with anything to fill the opening underneath, you can buy some wood trim to fill the space, or you can get a flat vinyl trim that attaches to the face of the bottom of the new frame. The level trim is available on my website underneath the “shop” tab. Once you cover the bottom opening, it is time to caulk where the bottom gap filler meets the wood sill, and where the outside blind stops meet the vinyl frame.

That’s it! You’re done! You can find accessories to cover your old wood sills with a vinyl wrapping extrusion. That can even be located on the internet site underneath the “purchase trim” tablature.